image class="left" url=""The mixtape features the productions from London on da Track, Issac Flame and Goose, among others and it features guest appearances from Nipsey Hussle, PeeWee Longway, Jacquees, Yung Ralph, Bloody Jay, MPA Duke and MPA Wicced. Rich Homie Quan described it as "best collabo since OutKast."[1] On September 23, 2014, Birdman described Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan's collaboration during an interview with MTV News, saying "They were already working on a project, them two, and I said, 'Let's do it together. Let me take it to the next level for y'all, 'cause I see y'all got the potential and the talent.' I just thought by them being together, it would be a stronger impact and then they still can do their solo things."[2]On September 29, 2014, videos for the first and second promotional singles "Tell Em (Lies)" and "Imma Ride" were released ahead of the mixtape.[3] On October 17, 2014, videos for "Freestyle" and "Soldier" were released as the third and fourth promotional singles.

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canada goose Not all birds have a crop. In adult doves and pigeons, the crop can produce crop milk to feed newly hatched birds.[5]Scavenging birds, such as vultures, will gorge themselves when prey is abundant, causing their crop to bulge. They subsequently sit, sleepy or half torpid, to digest their food.Most raptors, including hawks, eagles and vultures (as stated above), have a crop; however, owls do not. canada goose

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